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RedForce brings you top-notch technology with most skilled experts to help you spot weak points within your system and shutdown attacks before its birth to always stay ahead

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RedForce is an information security consultancy firm consists of a team of experts in the offensive security field. By using the latest techniques, methodologies and attack simulation from an adversary prospective, we make sure that your organization is approaching the best practice to mitigate the risk at the lowest cost. We approach our offensive services from a holistic approach. Our aim is to contribute to the efforts of our customers in securing the critical IT infrastructure and crown jewels within their IT landscape.

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Our Services

Red Team Operations

Redteaming is a full-scope black box attack simulation covering / exposing what the ordinary vulnerability assessment or penetration testing would not cover.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

For penetration testing services that go beyond a simple vulnerability scanner, you need experts in the industry to evaluate the weakness of information systems to network attacks. RedForce approach to network penetration testing goes above and beyond standard vulnerability analysis. With years of combined security experience, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents your network vulnerabilities.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Having publicly accessible web applications increases the attack surface and may result of exposing customer confidential information, financial data or other sensitive data. At RedForce, we would help you make sure you are always ahead of your adversaries by securing your web applications and preventing attacks before they even happen.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

For easy life, portablity become a trend so that Mobile applications are ending up more predominant than any time in recently, this advancement has made a full scope of new attack vector rather that the old school attacks in web application world.

Wireless Penetration Testing

An exposed Wi-Fi network opens up your cooperate to a bunch of attacks that could compromise your critical information. Our team of offensive experts would help you spot the weak points within your WIFI network to make sure your network is hardened enough to keep your adversaries away!

VOIP Penetration Testing

VOIP Security Assessment can assist you to discover the security flaws that are often missed in your VOIP infrastructure through a detailed security analysis for the configuration of your VOIP infrastructure to ensure that your systems are not exposed to attacks by adversaries.

Source Code Review

Source code review is your gate to discover hidden, hard-to-find vulnerabilities within your application that regular blackbox tests usually miss.

Malware Analysis

We carry out in-depth malware analysis to understand how it can get inside the perimeter, how it works and impacts the infected system.